Address : Room 301, Himawari Building 2, 2-4-15 Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

business hours

Basically open all year round

Price list

Basic fee (1 day) 500 yen/hour *If 2 PCs are used, 1000 yen/hour *The amount does not change depending on the number of people

Maximum 7,000 yen per day for facility rental

Night owl gaming 9am pack : Weekdays from 9pm to 9am, 3000 yen per set

*Only on weekdays. Also, please refrain from using it for lodging purposes.

PC specs (3 units)

•corei5 13th generation x 1 •corei7 12th generation x 1 •corei5 12th generation x 1

Monitors (6 units)

27 inch refresh rate 165hz

Facility photos

PC room

Japanese style room

It is a spacious that can usually be used for board games and meetings.

You can also install a PC


There is a sofa and large monitor, so it is a spacious space.


capture board

USB camera (permanently installed on computer)


HDMI splitter, wired LAN, display port cable, HDMI, LAN adapter.

Board game